Intensive Training Program

We’re Saskatoon’s elite dance studio, offering a revolutionary approach to dance training and tailored, one-of-a-kind pre-professional dance training to dancers from an early age.

Ignite Danceworks Inc. values every student. We believe children deserve the opportunity to exceptional dance training and to explore their passion to their maximum potential. Our studio is exciting and encompassed by a culture that’s welcoming and safe with a focus on excellence. Our teachers are qualified, experienced and accomplished, and they love to share their passion with all our students and families.

At Ignite Danceworks, we strive to make every student’s vision a reality. Our goal is to instil a passion, appreciation and an understanding for the performing arts to all our students, while providing exceptional training to those who wish to pursue their dance careers. Our unique teaching philosophy enables us to work collectively as one faculty to attend to every students’ needs and aspirations, both as dancers and as unique individuals.

Could ITP be a great fit for my child?

My ITP instructors understand what works and looks good on me, not just what works on a dancer in general. They make it my own and push me past my limits, while at the same time keeping their connection with as mentors and advisors.

Kaylee Butler - dancer

My daughter started working in the Intensive Training Program, 4 years ago. The Ignite Team's love of dance and the students alongside them drive for excellence, attention to detail, ability to dissect each dance movement AND teach how to execute the movement, has transformed my daughter from a good dancer to an incredible dancer who brings an amazing combination of technique, light, power and passion on stage. She now has both the ability and belief that onstage, she will shine. We as a family have tremendous gratitude, love and respect for the ITP and everything it strives to bring to all dancers.

Debbie Stiles - dance parent

Why Choose Our Intensive Training Program?

The Intensive Training Program is designed to provide pre-professional training to young, aspiring dance students. Dancers are able to train right here, in Saskatchewan, rather than have to travel elsewhere to do get the dance education they need to go further in their career.

The Intensive Training Program focuses on 4 elements:


We only choose the best quality of instructors for the Intensive Training Program - they all have experience, qualifications and receive consistent acclamation for their work. They are also exceptionally passionate and committed to continued education, as well as dedicated to the students at the studio.

Dancers train daily and consistently. The hours per week are based on their level, with Ballet as the primary focus. Dance exams are mandatory in this program.

We bring in workshops and choreographers to work with our ITP students on a regular basis. All ITP dancers are encouraged to audition and attend their own dance workshops on the side.


Physical conditioning is quintessential to the training regime in the Intensive Training Program. Conditioning and Flexibility classes are held throughout the week's training.

Mental conditioning is practiced not only through exercises such as visualization and team-building; dancers are trained in a respectful manner, following with Ignite Danceworks Inc's core in-studio values of Safe, Welcoming and Inclusive.

The Intensive Training Program is designed to be as mentally challenging as it is physically challenging. We encourage each ITP student to be more than just a 'dancer'. Dancers leave the ITP intelligent, confident, motivated and with the competence to succeed at anything, not just dance.


Technical proficiency is imperative, but so is Artistry. The Intensive Training Program isn't about just dancing because your instructor told you to. It's finding your passion - who you are and why you dance.

Students learn both the practical and the theory of dance. Dancers are taught the why behind each step they must execute and develop an understanding of how and why certain movements work together, and others do not.

Dancers are trained to be introspective, and hold their bodies differently. Body mechanics is heavily emphasized, and is incorporated this into their training. All students are encouraged to perform with intent and integrity from the soul.


Our ITP dancers have been featured in the Star Phoenix, CTV news, and have been shared by and followed by many professional dancers on social media. Our students are regularly accepted on scholarship, to the School of Alberta Ballet, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, the National Ballet School, Ballet Jorgen and The Goh Ballet, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Simon Fraser University, University of BC, Simon Fraser, University of Calgary, LamonDance and George Brown. Many ITP Alumni have gone onto careers working as freelance dancers and choreographers.

Many of our dancers have also been signed by talent agencies.

All dancers participate in dance conventions across Canada and at times, into the USA. We also participate in competitions and performances.

Most of all, we're thrilled to say all of our ITP graduates have gone onto professional careers in dance!

Working with my ITP instructors has always been a positive experience. It allows them to go into detail on the form and exercises I need to do to help my training be taken to the next level. They focus on making sure you’re comfortable with the movement and that it looks good on your body.

Kaelie Gibson - dancer

I’ve been a part of many dance studios my whole life, and Ignite felt like home instantly. My kids are well supported, challenged and cared for. Highly recommend ITP for anyone who loves to dance...any age and any ability

Johanna Clancy - dance parent

Our ITP Levels


Ages 5-6


Ages 7-8


Ages 9-11


Ages 11 & up


Ages 13 & up


Ages 15 & up

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

How important is academic education vs the dance education?

Extremely! Dancer's need to have their academic education aligned prior to commencing in the program. Academic standing determined by the parents needs to be kept up to par in order to continue in the program.

Dancers entering our Inter, Teen or Senior programs are presented a variety of educational options to choose from.

What should I wear to my assessment?

Dancers should wear their leotard, convertible tights and bring all appropriate footwear they have (including pointe shoes). Please bring along a yoga mat, a water bottle.

How will I find out assessment results?

We will let you know during the assessment itself.

Are dance exams required in ITP?

Yes. In order to maintain our highest standard, dancers are expected to obtain a minimum of Highly Commended on each dance exam taken. *Whether a dancers completes their exam each year is dependent on their instructor, not the dancer.

How does your program compare to others studios?

It doesn't. There is no other ITP as comprehensive, holistic, nurturing and delivering training as we do in the province of SK. We work in conjunction with health professionals and dance professionals to ensure our dancers are given the training they deserve, both physically and mentally.

We are so grateful to Ignite's ITP with our daughter as we never imagined being able to access this high level of mentorship in our smaller city. Ignite has played an invaluable role in shaping our daughter’s skill in dance and warmly nurturing her drive to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Thank you Ignite Team!

Erin Woods - dance parent

Working towards a goal with the help of the ITP instructors has made the process easier. Hearing advice and input from an expert can help shine a new light on future accomplishments . With their encouragement and hard work, anything is possible.

Rachel Brown - dance parent

ITP is for 100% for my child! How can I get started?

Our Intensive Training Program is open to dancers ages 6 and up.

Admission is based on assessment. Click the link below to get started:


We are Saskatoon's elite dance training facility, specializing in intensive dance training. Our classes are taught by accredited instructors and we provide pre-professional training to our dancers from an early age.