1-on-1 Training

We’re Saskatoon’s elite dance studio, offering a revolutionary approach to dance training and tailored, one-of-a-kind pre-professional dance training to dancers from an early age.

Ignite Danceworks Inc. values every student. We believe children deserve the opportunity to exceptional dance training and to explore their passion to their maximum potential. Our studio is exciting and encompassed by a culture that’s welcoming and safe with a focus on excellence. Our teachers are qualified, experienced and accomplished, and they love to share their passion with all our students and families.

At Ignite Danceworks, we strive to make every student’s vision a reality. Our goal is to instil a passion, appreciation and an understanding for the performing arts to all our students, while providing exceptional training to those who wish to pursue their dance careers. Our unique teaching philosophy enables us to work collectively as one faculty to attend to every students’ needs and aspirations, both as dancers and as unique individuals.

Why Choose 1-on-1 Training?

1-on-1 training is for dedicated, high-achieving dancers and athletes of any age to overcome limitations in their training, so they can advance to the next level and achieve success sooner.

We’ve been training dancers and athletes for over 20 years now, and the two things they all have in common is a desire to succeed and a drive to constantly improve.

We'll personally design a custom program to compliment your existing training regime that will guarantee enhanced performance, increase your flexibility and decrease your chances of injury.

We get results faster than other coaches and trainers because our focus is directly on you and your goals. We incorporate dance training techniques to target where your physical limitations and muscle imbalances are, and accelerate your results in your existing sport or dance discipline, whatever your goals may be.

Together, We'll:

*Identify and Target areas of limitation in your training.

*Build Confidence and Consistency in those areas through bi-weekly or weekly sessions.

*Create a tailored program to Activate and Strengthen your target zones.

*Establish Balance in your muscle strength from left to right and top to bottom.

*Enhance your current skills, and give you an edge to get to the next level in your own training.

What We'll Work On:

What will we do? Well, you get to decide! Popular options include:

*Athletic Training

*Exam/Skills Preparation

*Solo Preparation

*Ankle Strength

*Conditioning & Strength Training

*Flexibility Training

*Core Strength

*Hamstring Strength & Flexibility

*Lower and/or Upper Back


*Increasing Power/Stride

*Stronger Jumps

*Increasing Balance

... and much more!

My 1-on-1 instructors understand what works and looks good on me, not just what works on a dancer in general. They make it my own and push me past my limits, while at the same time keeping their connection with as mentors and advisors.

Kaylee Butler - dancer

1-on-1 Training is for 100% for my child!

How can I get started?

Simply Complete our 1-on-1 Training Request Form below and one of our studio representatives will connect with you within 24-48 hours!


We are Saskatoon's elite dance training facility, specializing in intensive dance training. Our classes are taught by accredited instructors and we provide pre-professional training to our dancers from an early age.